I would just like to say, on Wednesday I met a lady called Sally from Al’s Pals at the Cancer Centre in Milton Keynes whilst having chemotherapy treatment. We had a lovely chat and I felt so much more at ease that day as I was having a bad anxiety day. I just wanted to say it was so nice to have seen her, as the road is so hard as it is. Thank you for all you do, as it’s so hard to find comfort on this journey.


I was sat in the oncology unit within mk cancer centre Milton Keynes hospital having bloods done for my next months treatment when This lovely lady came introduced her self and said she was from al’s pals buddy charity, she said they had been given a grant to put together gift bags for patients going through cancer treatment and coronavirus because they know and understand it’s a hard time for us at the moment xx
I was also given a gift bag from Boots Cmk both gifts helped make me smile and make the day a better one, well it certainly did that it made me feel a little special in these challenging times thank you for making me smile xxx

Suzy Ould

I had just started my treatment and was settling down to reading my book as it was going to be a few hours when completely out of the blue a lovely lady with a beautiful smile came up and handed me a gift pack and said this is for you .
I was sitting in a pod with four other people , each one received a package .
Everyone’s face lit up on receipt of their gift , and all of a sudden the energy changed in the pod and people were smiling and so grateful for the lovely surprise that uplifted us all . We were made to feel special .
The gift package was filled with really lovely and thoughtful goodies . What really touched me , and actually brought tears to me eyes , was the card that was enclosed with the gift . It was handwritten with a lovely personal message and I felt that the writer really understood how I was feeling .
The cancer journey can be scary and lonely at times and I felt Als Pals understood this and I will never forget the impact of that gift and sentiment on one of those days – you are doing an amazing job Als Pals ….thank you xxx

Cancer Patient in Milton Keynes

I would like to thank you for the Christmas present, card  and  good wishes from your volunteer on 22nd December at the cancer Centre MK. . I was not aware of your organisation but thank you for the work  that you do., Thank you again!


I would like to thank you for the delicious afternoon tea that I enjoyed so much when I received my treatment yesterday at the Milton Keynes Cancer Centre this really lifted my spirits. Your lovely volunteers keep all the patients going with their care and attention. Without their loyal service we would be lost. Please also pass on my heartfelt compliments to the volunteers/businesses that made the scones, sandwiches and cakes. Absolutely delicious and better than any I’ve eaten at hotels/restaurants etc

Cancer Patient - Milton Keynes Hospital

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