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Our amazing volunteers are your pals

Our volunteers understand the needs of someone that has cancer and how this can affect their own lives as well as their families. We can offer support, companionship, empathy and a listening ear to any cancer patient from the start of their cancer journey through to the end. All of our volunteers are based in the Milton Keynes University Hospital, and all services are currently offered within this vicinity but we are soon to be launching a home support service. Watch this space!

Our volunteers can help you by...

  • Sitting and chatting with you whilst you are receiving treatment
  • Visiting you on the ward and helping you with anything while you are in hospital 
  • Signposting you to relevant services that could help you and your family. 
  • Talking to you about everyday things and treating you as an individual, not just focusing on your condition.
  • Talking to medical professionals, with your consent, if you are too upset to do so
  • Chatting on the phone in between hospital visits 
  • Helping and supporting you and your family at end of life.

Dr Andrew Maleknia

  • Dr Maleknia provides high quality psychological therapy to patients and their families through short-term focused interventions or longer term psychological interventions. He has years of experience of working for the NHS, charitable organisations and in private practice. He is happy to be able to help and support Al’s Pals and the work we do with and for the patients and their families. To read more about Dr Malenkia please see his Biography here: Dr Malenkia Bio

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If you would like a pal...

If you would like to speak to someone about the service and see how we can help you, then please feel free to contact us direct at info@alspalsmk.co.uk or on 07745 601047. Alternatively speak with your nurse or doctor and they can refer. Or pop in and see us at the Cancer Centre, Milton Keynes University Hospital.

Al’s Pals is supported by MK Hospital

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